Bar - Club, Restaurant - Cafe


A cosmopolitan lounge and bar area with fine details, inspiring soundtrack, signature cocktails, Asian fusion cuisine and eminent international v.i.p. clientele.  

Dimitris Economou took the challenge to successfully combine the cosmopolitan style of his special client with the Aegean scenery and aura of Mykonos, smoothly matching both aesthetics leaving nothing to chance and finally winning the bet with himself and the people. While relaxing elements, such as silk and viscose fabrics, cosy sofas, teak wood, many plants, a waterfall and the bamboo ceiling turn the lounge bar into a patio, giving a sense of relaxation calmness, white cement floor-very common in Aegean architecture- was combined with white wood laser-cut surfaces reminding the customer of the dominant island colour. Many “hand-dressed” lamps decorated with natural materials such as wicker, rope or mother-of-pearl suit the “m’s” mood of discreet elegance exuding an ethnic touch.