Bar - Club, Restaurant - Cafe


Located in the heart of Nea Smirni Square [Platia], Athens, the café/bar Paramythi was totally remodeled and brought to life in June 2013.

Dimitris Economou and his team, created a terrific atmosphere by provoking a playful yet serene experience, through the presence of swings that stand before you as you enter the café’s interior. One can read his book or sip on his coffee [or cocktail] while swaying, conversing with great company. Paramythi in Greek means fairytale and the design concept followed the principles of a “fairytale” where one can find big or little writings [quotes] that amusingly decorate the walls, where vintage children’s books have been pleasantly exhibited vertically along a wall behind a fantastic large custom-made “cage-like-seat” that merrily hangs from the high ceiling. All these little moments of surprises help generate intimacy and enchanted instants within Paramythi Bar. They help arouse the youth in all of us.

The selection of materials is a correlation between raw industrial materials with a touch of rustic warmth. Aztec, tribal patterns in fancy table printings, fill the upper level adding a splash of color and life to the space. Once again Dimitris Economou used his beloved cut out wood furniture and surfaces this time in chevrons and ovals that add to functionality and elegant touch.