Restaurant - Cafe


PILOT bistro-café is located in the center of Athens near a university and among many offices. Guidelines before renovation were “PILOT” to become a hot-spot in the area and cater different people and ages. It is open 24 hours. Our aim was to satisfy as more target groups as possible without having an identity crisis. First of all we made the operation of the place better, by creating a flow when customers enter the bistro and help them scatter evenly in the tables. A central seating area with welcoming and comfortable booths was designed to cater large companies of students or business meetings. We wanted to keep people in the center of the restaurant as most them were sitting in the back, leaving a “hole” in the middle of the place and making the space look empty from outside.

We followed some of the interior design trends of the season and we defined them in our space. Some elements were kept untouched, such as the open kitchen and the stone wall. A vintage tile was added to all floor, the open smoking area was clearly separated from the other space and was beautified with a long table with plants and vintage lighting. Τhe bar got a more proper look for a bistro and was dressed with aged gold aluminum cover along with oak wood. The arcs of the high glass windows were dressed with wood for warming the whole atmosphere.   Bronze elements in lighting were used for the necessary glow touches. Lighting is flexible and can be adjusted throughout day and night according to every hour needs.  Low tempo music, dim-lights, warm colours and materials help customers relax, linger and order food or coffee and dessert.